Beatrice van der Heijden
Is professor of Strategic HRM at the Radboud University, Institute for Management Research, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and Head of the Department Strategic HRM. 

My empirical work focuses on individual, job-related, organizational and societal determinants of
sustainable careers, in particular for the achievement of expert behaviour, (sustainable) employability, successful ageing at work versus premature retirement, and objective and subjective career success across occupational domains and (age) categories of workers in both profit and non-profit organizations. I have also translated her research outcomes into state-of-the-art educational curriculum development (in strategic HRM and career psychology).

Recent publications:

Fugate, M., Van der Heijden, B., De Vos, A., Forrier, A., De Cuyper, N. (2021). Is what’s past
prologue? A review and agenda for contemporary employability research. Academy of Management
Annals, 15(1), 266-298. 

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implications of ‘seeing eye to eye’? Examining the role of leader-member exchange (LMX) agreement
on employability and career outcomes. Personnel Psychology, 1-32.  

Van der Heijden, B.I.J.M., Houkes, I., Van den Broeck, A., Czabanowska, K. (2020). “I just can’t take
it anymore”: How Specific Work Characteristics Impact Younger versus Older Nurses’ Health,
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