Tinka van Vuuren
Endowed professor in
Strategic Human Resource Management, i.e. Vitality Management at the Open Universiteit of
the Netherlands.

The focus of my research is vitality management about the causes of sustainable employability ( to
stay and enhance to work healthy, productive and vital) and the interventions to enlarge sustainable

Life long development is key in enlarging sustainable employability. So my work is about life long
development but also health interventions to increase sustainable employability

Recent publications:

Van Vuuren, T., Caniëls, M. & Semeijn, J.H. (2011). Duurzame inzetbaarheid en een leven lang
leren. Gedrag & Organisatie, 24 (4), 356-373.

Veld, M., Semeijn, J.H.  & Van Vuuren, T. (2015). Enhancing perceived employability: An
interactionist perspective on responsibilities of organizations and employees,  Personnel Review,
44(6), 866-882.

Semeijn, J.H., Van Dam, K., Van Vuuren, T., & Van der Heijden, B. (2015). Sustainable labour
participation for sustainable careers. In: De Vos, A. & Van der Heijden, B. (Eds). Handbook of
Research on Sustainable Careers (pp. 146-160). Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom.

Van der Heijden, B.I.J.M., Van Vuuren, T. C. V., Kooij, Dorien T.A.M.. de Lange, Annet H.,(2015),
Tailoring professional development for teachers in primary education, Journal of Managerial
Psychology, 30, 1, 22 – 37.

Veld, M., Semeijn, J.H.  & Van Vuuren, T. (2016). Career control, Career dialogue and Managerial
Position, how do these matter for employability? Examining their three-way interaction effect on
perceived employability. Career Development International, 21 (7), 697 – 712.