Jos Akkermans

Dr. Jos Akkermans is an Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Organization, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research broadly focuses on career development, with special interests in career shocks, sustainable careers, employability, and career success. Jos is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Vocational Behavior. He is also a Past Division Chair for the Academy of Management Careers Division. He has published his research in various scholarly journals, including the Journal of Vocational Behavior, Applied Psychology, the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, and Human Resource Management. Jos has also co-edited several special issues, for example about sustainable careers (JVB), career shocks (CDI), and school-to-work transitions (JCD).

Topic presentation: Can everyone craft a sustainable career?

Joop Schippers

Joop Schippers is professor of Labour Economics at Universiteit Utrecht. He is also one of the coordinators of the UU-hub Future of Work that tries to connect all researchers on labour market and organizational issues from UU with practioners and policy makers outside the world of research and science. Throughout his career a major element in his research, whether it focused on gender differences or on the labour market position of younger or older workers, has been the accumulation and depreciation of human capital, including the role of life long learning and development. Joop Schippers combines his scientific work with policy evaluation and advice, especially in the field of national gender policies. For his active role in disseminating scientific knowledge and creating impact he received several awards.

Topic presentation: The importance of lifelong learning and development

Tristram John Hooley

Tristram Hooley is Professor of Career Education at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and the University of Derby. He has published 10 books and over a 100 articles and chapters on career guidance and associated topics. His research focuses on the inter-relationship between career, career guidance, politics and technology. He believes that career guidance can make a contribution to a better society and has written extensively on career guidance and social justice. He is also Chair of the careers charity Adviza and on the board of NICEC and the ICCDPP. 


Topic presentation: Careering from cradle to grave: a lifelong vision for career development

Sally Clarke

Sally Clarke is an author, coach, international speaker and burnout researcher. She is also Co- Director at Human Leaders, a movement of leaders and organizations making work a place where people, business and society can thrive. Her latest book, ‘Relight Your Spark’, guides individuals on how to heal and evolve after burnout and she co-authors the State of Workplace Burnout report each year.

Topic presentation: How To Prevent Burnout For Sustainable Careers and an Exceptional EVP

Michael Arthur

Michael Arthur is an Emeritus Professor at Suffolk University, Boston, USA, and a Visiting Professor at Cranfield University, UK. His books include The Boundaryless Career, The New Careers, Knowledge at Work and most recently An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life. He writes on the topic of “Career Ownership” for Forbes.com. He was an original developer of the Intelligent Careers Framework, and remains an active contributor to both research and practice in its use. He also manages Intelligent Careers Group, founded to promote more effective career practices.

Topic presentation: Lifelong Guidance through the Intelligent Careers Framework

Marinka Kuijpers

Marinka Kuijpers is endowed professor at the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands and director of Loopbaangroep, organization for career guidance. Her topics of research are lifelong development, career development of students in Vocational Education, and professionalizing teachers, employees and employers from a career perspective.`

Topic presentation: A career perspective on lifelong learning

Eva Baloch-Kaloianov

As an EU programme officer she has been with the OeAD – Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation since 2000, with the Euroguidance Network as one of her tasks. She serves as Chair of the Euroguidance Network’s Steering Group since mid-2022. Prior to her work with the OeAD, Eva Baloch-Kaloianov has worked in Adult Education. She holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology / Chinese Studies from Vienna University and has recently completed a diploma training course as career guidance counsellor.

Topic presentation: Enhancing the European Dimension of Lifelong Development for the Guidance Community

Ilze Astrīda Jansone

Through various roles within the Latvian education system, Ilze Jansone has accrued thirty years of experience in European cooperation. At the State Education Development Agency of Latvia as of 2007 she has been working with the Euroguidance Network, which she served as Co-Chair of the Network’s Steering Group since mid-2022. Elected to the board of the IAEVG in 2019, she is currently serving as interim Treasurer. Ilze A. Jansone is a qualified career counsellor with a Master’s degree in Education Science.

Topic presentation: Enhancing the European Dimension of Lifelong Development for the Guidance Community

Peter C. Weber

Prof. Dr. Peter C. Weber, Professor for Career Guidance and Counselling at University of Applied Labour Studies Mannheim, Germany.
Member of the IAEVG board, the board of the National Forum for lifelong Guidance, Germany, and the CareersNetwork of CEDEFOP. Researcher in Career Guidance and Counselling in national and international projects. Research in Career Guidance/Counselling, e.g. lifelong guidance, knowledge & competence of counsellors, information in Counselling Processes, HRD and Career Counselling, digitalization in the field of Guidance, Guidance services and policies in Germany and Europe. Researcher in different research programs in the field of Guidance & Counselling, e.g. psychological resources of practitioners and young people in vocational training and school-work transition and individual and contextual resources for the counselling of low qualified people. 2004-2016 researcher and assistant professor at Heidelberg University.


Topic presentation: Career Guidance for adults in the work context – the need for inter-organizational collaboration

Jessie Koen

Dr. Jessie Koen works as a senior researcher Future of Work at TNO and is affiliated with the Department of Work and Organization Psychology (University of Amsterdam), where she received her PhD (cum laude) on employability. Her work focuses on the impact of labor market changes (flexibilization, technology, increasing uncertainty) on people’s work and careers. She aims to find solutions that help people to proactively cope with such changes, using a system-level perspective. Jessie leads several major research projects in this area and has received multiple awards and grants for her work, which is often published in leading scientific journals.

Topic presentation: The paradox of proactivity: how the social and institutional context can help and hinder lifelong development initiatives

Viviana Valenzuela

Dr. Viviana Valenzuela is PhD in Psychology (University of Buenos Aires). Specialist in Educational Psychology -Vocational and Professional Guidance. Professor and researcher of the Chair of Vocational and Occupational Guidance of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her research topic is about how young people in Children and Youth Orchestras construct their projects for the future and their identity. She coordinates the service project at the University of Buenos Aires: Vocational and Occupational Guidance for Young People in Orchestras. She coordinates workshops and other Guidance activities for young people, as well as training and supervision sessions for counselors and teachers related to the area.

Guidance Institutions: intersections between Guidance and Counseling, Education, Health and Music in community settings

Deirdre Hughes

Dr Deirdre Hughes is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research in England and Director of dmh associates and CareerChat (UK) Ltd. Here research broadly focuses on career development, with special interests in career-related learning in primary schools, wellbeing, city-wide and national careers strategies, quality assurance, places and spaces for careers support, including the application of AI and machine learning. She is the Founding Director of the International Centre for Guidance Studies and a former Co-Editor of the British Journal for Guidance and Counselling (BJGC), Special Issue: International Series. Deirdre has published research in various scholarly journals, including the Journal of Vocational Behavior. She is an expert adviser to Cedefop, OECD, ILO and ETF.

Topic presentation: Career development: Tidal Waves, Turbulence and Transformation

Steven Dhondt

Steven Dhondt is a senior researcher at TNO and visiting professor at the KU Leuven (Belgium). His main focus is on the impacts of the newest technologies on organisational and work practices. He coordinates at TNO the Smart Working-research programme, developing insights on the impacts of robotics and digitization on organisational practices. You can hear in the press a lot about the platform economy, cobotisation of industry and other new developments in the Dutch economy: most of this research is connected to the work of Steven and his team. Next to his research work, he has been pushing the European learning network on Workplace Innovation (EUWIN) since 2013. Within TNO and KU Leuven, he is responsible for the multi-annual projects H2020 Beyond4.0, H2020 GI-NI and HorizonEurope BRIDGES 5.0 projects. .

Topic presentation: Fantastic technologies and impact on career coaching

Jason Gawke (Chairman)

Dr Jason Gawke is a former professional judo athlete who has shifted his passion for his own professional development in judo to professional development of teams and individuals in the context of work. Holding a PhD in psychology on why and how teams and individuals engage in proactive (intrapreneurial) behaviors in the flow of work, he has impacted on a global scale how organizations measure and approach policies for fostering learning and development behaviors on the workfloor. In addition, he is the founder of the award winning software and method of WorkBoost: the software solution to boost rapid knowledge, skill, and ability development in the flow of work. In his role as chairman he will use his passion, scientific background and experience in practice to ensure that you will have an unforgettable IAEVG 2023.