Speaker on June 28, 2023

Peter C. Weber
Professor for Career Guidance and Counselling at University of Applied Labour Studies Mannheim, Germany.
Speaker on June 28, 2023

Career Guidance for adults in the work context – the need for inter-organizational collaboration

The world of work is developing fast and in disruptive context, driven by digitalization, new value chains, dissolving organizational boundaries, the importance of network organizations and global challenges such as demographic development and climate change. Different group of adults are affected in various ways. Career support in the work context can be a relevant answer.

The keynote presents the theoretical background of Career Guidance and Counseling for adults and the intersections with career support in the world of work in theory and practice. It is argued that the collaboration between the field of guidance and the field of work is not yet established well enough. This would require common terms, a common professional language and overall, a stronger interaction between these two fields of knowledge.

To discuss the possible role of guidance and counseling as an internal or external offer in the work context, knowledge about the changing world of work and the new career patterns is necessary. For these reasons, the knowledge of guidance and counseling should open to the subject areas of human resource and organizational development – and vice versa. From the perspective of guidance and counseling, the question arises as to what extent companies make room for these guidance and counseling formats and how, if necessary, increased attention for guidance on the crucial topics in the world of work is promoted.


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“The knowledge of guidance and counseling should open to the subject areas of human resource and organizational development – and vice versa.”