Speaker on June 29, 2023

Tristram John Hooley
Professor of Career Education at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
and the University of Derby
Speaker on June 29, 2023

Careering from cradle to grave: a lifelong vision for career development.

Career describes our pathway through life, learning and work. It is how we spend our time,
live with others and make an impact on the world around us. Career is not just about the
choice of educational pathways or an occupation, it is something much bigger and more
essential to the nature of us as human beings. Because of this we need to recognise that our
careers start when we are born and continue until we die. Yet, the support that is available to
people to develop their careers is often very episodic, confined to key decision points and
focused on the education system.

In this keynote, Professor Tristram Hooley will argue that we need to conceive of career as a
lifelong endeavour undertaken by all citizens. This means that career guidance services need
to be available to everyone at all ages and life stages. The provision of this kind of support
would represent a paradigm shift in society unlocking new possibilities for lifelong learning,
active aging and decent work. Professor Hooley will conclude by setting out a road map of
how we get from here to this kind of career development utopia.

Professor Hooley is looking forward to finally meet his IAEVG colleagues in The Hague,
face-to-face again, after such a long time. He has been to different IAEVG conferences
before. This time, there is a lot to learn and discuss about lifelong development. The theme of
this conference endorses in his opinion the point of view that we need a new emphasis on
career guidance. It is about giving people opportunities. Helping them to achieve more and
develop a critical understanding of the world. To make clear that life is not always fair and
not everyone has an equal amount of choices. It is therefore dangerous to put all the
responsibility to the individual alone. As a career practitioner we can help because we are able
to provide them with the right information, connect them up to the right people or help them
to think about strategies to change their lives. That is how we have to market our profession.

Tristram John Hooley writes the Adventures in Career Development blog at https://adventuresincareerdevelopment.wordpress.com/ where you can find out more about him and his ideas. 

“In most countries career development is really grown in the education system. At school and in universities. That’s great, it should be there. But what about working people? When we are working we make most of our career choices. A career is everybody’s journey in life, learning and work. And we want everyone to manage it. Therefore career guidance should be a lifelong and easily accessible support for everyone.”