Viviana Valenzuela
PhD in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires

Speaker on June 28, 2023

Guidance Institutions: intersections between Guidance and Counseling, Education, Health and Music in community settings

Within the framework of complex scenarios presented by 21st century societies, Guidance aims to analyze and intervene to favor the different social insertions of people, accompanying them in coping with psychosocial transitions, in the elaboration of their life projects and in the processes of identity construction. Different research identified and defined particular characteristics of institutions and socio-educational projects that fulfill guiding goals. This lecture paper presents the results of an investigation that sought to understand the meanings of Children and Youth Orchestras for its young participants, the different learning the young people build within the framework of its activities and the possibility of developing intentions
for the future (Valenzuela, 2021; Valenzuela, 2020; Valenzuela et al., 2022). The orchestras are projects that are spread all over the world. These are socio-educational programs with educational, social, and cultural goals, specially addressed to vulnerable populations. These projects have shown to be effective in matters of building specific and general (transversal) skills for the achievement of educational, working, and social insertions.

Considering the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this lecture seeks to identify the characteristics of these socio-educational experiences related to music that have huge potential beneficial for the development of personal and social well-being, specially meeting the needs of vulnerable populations with the aim of promoting equity. Also, to reflect about the role that non-formal education plays in fostering the development of key skills for life designing in the 21st century, and specially for school to work transitions.

The reflections will lead to the potential of these projects to construct skills for the achievement of satisfactory social insertion, their preventive and health-related function, as a support network that enables the shaping of future perspectives in multiple fields that go beyond the artistic and musical spheres.


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“Non-formal educational settings play a significant role in fostering the development of key skills for life designing in the 21st century, and specially for school to work transitions.”