Noloc Knowledge network

Noloc Knowledge Network session

Thursday June 29 15:30 – 17:00

Tristram Hooley, Jouke Post, Jan Woldendorp

Self-management as an ideal in career development: when and when maybe not feasible?

Invitation for a critical exchange and round table discussions for all Noloc career professionals and international participants.

Members of the Noloc knowledge network are looking forward to see you and interact on questions concerning self-management in career development. This program starts with a sparkling interview by Noloc Knowledge professionals Jouke Post and Jan Woldendorp with Tristram Hooley, professor of career education and thought leader in the career field . Key questions are: Is the ideal of self-management (sometimes) too high and optimistic? Should career guidance not also address contextual and collective factors and thus systemic issues?

After this interview, we continue in round tables in lively discussions. Unique in this set-up is that we aim at ‘life-long-learning’ in all settings and that we are convinced of the value of interaction between theory and (international) professional practice. The members of the Noloc knowledge network will be the leading tablehosts.

We wrap up this session by defining our conclusions and recommendations for policy makers, scientists, Noloc careerprofessionals and Noloc, Association for Career Guidance and Career Development.