Aniek Draaisma
Is an independent researcher in the field of designing and strengthening career development in education and welfare.

I am an independent researcher in the field of designing and strengthening career development in
education and welfare. I focus mainly on various education sectors and youth work programmes, but
on HR departments of other organizations too. Also, I use my expertise to investigate how
programmes at The Hague University of Applied Sciences can deal with sustainability issues in their

The aim of all my work is to see as many people as possible, young and old, take a suitable place in
society with self-confidence, and with an optimistic view on their future.

Recent publications:

Draaisma, A., Vermeulen, M., Kuijpers, M. (submitted). Small-scale collective learning in large-scale
innovation. The role of collective teacher learning and leadership in successful education change
processes. British Journal of Guidance and Counselling.

Draaisma, A., Meijers, F. & Kuijpers, M. (2019). Innovating towards career learning environments.
Changes in teachers’ role perception regarding career guidance. In J. Maree (Ed.) Innovating career
counselling theory, research, and practice. In search of promoting inclusion and sustainable
employment for all. Springer Science & Business Media.

Draaisma, A. (2018). Career learning environments in vocational education. Study of a government
initiated innovation programme in the Netherlands (PhD thesis). Heerlen: Open University.

Other recent publications:

Kuijpers, M. & Draaisma, A. (2021). Een leven lang ontwikkelen vanuit een loopbaanperspectief. In R.
Poell & J. Kessels (Eds.) Handboek Human Resource Development. Organiseren van het leren (pp.
461-474). Amsterdam: Lannoo Campus.

Kuijpers, M. & Draaisma, A. (2020). Loopbaangericht Leven Lang Ontwikkelen. Economisch en
zingevingsperspectief voor nu en de toekomst (onderzoeksrapport). Heerlen: Bijzondere Leerstoel
Leeromgeving  -Loopbanen (Open University)