Ilze Astrīda Jansone
Various roles within the Latvian education system

speaker on June 28, 2023


Enhancing the European Dimension of Lifelong Development for the Guidance Community

Guidance practitioners are tasked with helping individuals, groups and communities to navigate the
labour market and also to find education and training opportunities which will support their career
aspirations in today’s world of constant change. It can be difficult to obtain insights, knowledge and
skills which are relevant to rapidly changing labour market realities without constant professional
development. What support is available for guidance practitioners in their lifelong competence

Euroguidance is a European policy network co-funded by the Erasmus+, the EU programme for
education, training, youth and sport. Euroguidance is tasked with supporting lifelong development of
career guidance professionals through a network of more than 30 national Euroguidance centres.
The Network and its national centres contribute by offering competence development linked to the
European dimension of Lifelong Guidance. How can Euroguidance help support guidance
professionals in times where counsellors and clients alike are seeking ways to cope with uncertainty
and to contribute to a digital, green and fair working environment? What resources and
opportunities are available to the European guidance community and how can any of these be
accessed by colleagues outside of Europe?

Publications produced by the Euroguidance network:


"Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022, the Euroguidance network looks forward to supporting the guidance community in cooperation with other lifelong learning and career guidance stakeholders, making full use of the power of its experienced and resilient expert network in the years ahead."