Steven Dhondt
Senior research Smart Working at TNO (Netherlands) and visiting professor at the KU Leuven (Belgium)

Speaker on June 30, 2023

Fantastic technologies and impact on career coaching

Is career coaching an endangered profession? Should career counsellors consider transitioning into other fields? The prevailing impression is that the advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence may lead to the disappearance of many professions. It is believed that individuals can now seek guidance from AI-driven chatbots or programmes, powered by Large Language Models like ChatGPT. The progress of these technologies has raised the question of when, rather than if, career coaches will become obsolete. Similar doomsday scenarios have been painted for various professions in the past decade. However, it is more likely that we will witness a faster phase-out of fantastic technologies such as robots and AI, rather than so-called endangered professions. While the roles of accountants, taxi drivers, and postmen have undergone profound changes, they continue to exist. The same holds true for the future of career coaching.


In his presentation, he builds upon previous discussions at the IAEVG conference, particularly those led by Deirdre Hughes and Jessie Koen, on the topics of technology and organisation. He approaches the future of career coaching by incorporating insights from the ongoing discourse among employment specialists on technology and work. From this discussion, he draws several valuable lessons for career coaches. Primarily, he envisions the future as a journey of effectively harnessing technology in the workplace. What steps should career coaches take to guide AI towards serving their own interests? Can career coaches afford to ignore the potential of engaging with AI?



Robot zoekt collega. Waarom we meer artificiële intelligentie nodig hebben op het werk. (Robot seeks colleague. Why we need more artificial intelligence at work.) Uitgeverij Lannoo. (Together with Ezra Dessers (KU Leuven), 2022)

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"Technology will not take over career coaches. It is clear that they also need more technology in their work. The question is how career coaches can guide AI towards serving their own interests?"